Fashion for the Planet


How we're making a difference

  • Recycled Plastic

    We've reengineered all our forefoot foam lining with recycled water bottles to create a textile known as rPET. Equally able to alleviate pressure and rubbing on the skin, this functional textile performs at the same high standard as our previous textile with the added benefit of recycling plastic waste.

    So now when you wear FRANKiE4, know you’re not only SAVING YOUR SOLES™ but also saving harmful plastic from landfill and the ocean. 

  • Rice Husk Soles

    The footbeds in the majority of our slides are consciously crafted using rice husk—an agricultural byproduct that creates significant disposal problems. This lightweight material is one of the elements that forms the mold of our signature Sole Hero™ curves and cushioning—making it healthier for the planet while still saving your soles.

  • Ethical & Environmentally Responsible Leathers

    We’re members of the Leather Working Group, the world’s leading leather environmental compliance organisation. Regulating the industry for the benefit of workers, brands and consumers—now and in the future. Our supplier only sources LWG gold and silver rated leathers and our major tannery is LWG gold rated: the most environmentally responsible leather available.

Out-of-the-box initiatives


Every time you order from FRANKiE4 you can feel good knowing that our shoeboxes, stuffing paper, cardboard sticks and printed wrap are made from recycled materials—and are all 100% recyclable.


At our factories excess trims, leathers and soles are collected and repurposed. Local authorities regularly test waste water to ensure it adheres to legal limits. Paper, cartons, cardboard and plastic are recycled at our US and Australian headquarters.


Your questions, our answers

Where are your shoes made?

Our footwear is made in Vietnam with a highly regarded and respected company that make quality footwear responsibly.

What kind of audits are done in your factory?

Our supplier is very respected in the footwear industry. They adhere to the government law for wages, salary benefits, safety, emergency response training and environment protection.
Our supplier has, and welcomes, routine SMETA audits for their customers (us!) by Sedex every year.
Some key points about our supplier:
- Our supplier does NOT use child labor.
- Our supplier pays all their workers fairly.
- Our supplier complies with local labor laws on wages, salary benefits, social benefits, working hours, conditions, and insurances.

Does your supplier make responsibly?

We're proud of how our supplier operates environmentally. They enforce and adhere to a strict company policy on environmental protection. They recycle the leather, plastic, paper and cartons they work with, and have a legal waste water treatment vendor to collect and clean the water every month.