Sole Hero™ Footbed


We can be your hero

After years of study, trialing and testing, our Podiatrist founders created their own one-of-a-kind Sole Hero™️ Footbed. Enabling soft support in every FRANKIE4 shoe.


Because they’d had enough of sole-destroying shoes and knew that a better footbed had the power to improve the fate of women’s feet.

A legendary design was born, meticulously crafted with curvaceous and contoured layers that work hard to help put an end to crippling heel pain (like plantar fasciitis), arch pain and forefoot pain, while creating a healthy foundation for feet.

How does it work?

Our Sole Hero™️ Footbeds lifts, cradles and cushions the heel, while its arch support goal is to help with better lower limb alignment. Cleverly hidden in the design are two-zones of cushioning, with the aim to prevent pain points. You’ll find our revolutionary footbed built into all sandals and heels, and adjustable in boots, sneakers and most flats. Thanks to our Sole Hero™️ Footbeds, investing in FRANKiE4 footwear has become a simple first step in tackling pain and reducing foot woes.

Our difference

  • Align

    The Footbed contours were designed with the aim to help facilitate better alignment and movement through the foot and leg by supporting the heel and arch.

  • Cushion

    The Sole Hero ™ Footbed is loaded with cushioning where it is needed- featuring layers of materials with differing softness.

    Our contoured layered cushioning is designed to aid in shock absorption and enhance the feeling of softness under foot. To put simply, our aim is for the shoe to help take the stress of standing and walking on hard surfaces, and the wearer feel their feet are walking on clouds.  

While all our products are designed with care by our experienced team, every foot is different and some may experience better results than others. If you have a specific condition you are looking for help with, you may wish to discuss with your health professional how our Sole Hero Footbeds will benefit you.

Our label provides women with an award-winning and healthier option for on-trend footwear. We live to create unique designs that deliver style, innovation and performance — investing in patenting and design registrations to maintain the integrity of our brand.