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Champions of a healthier future for women and their feet, our mid-to-high open toe heels are the pinnacle of softness and on-trend style. Finally, we can access comfortable heels designed with cushioning and support where it’s needed most in this style—under the front of our foot—or the forefoot.

Their most standout feature? A unique convex contoured patented support concept.
Our heels have garnered over 3,400 5-star verified buyer reviews with our customers describing our heels as ‘cloud-like’.

We describe them as a major advancement in innovation, aesthetics and design
(if we do say so ourselves).

Support where it’s needed most

You’ve felt it. The satisfaction of kicking off a pair of heels after a loooong day. When your feet are cramped, blistered, squished and screaming out in pain. Generally speaking, heels hurt because they increase the force under the balls of our feet.

Following years of development, our Podiatrist founders have created an open-toe high-heel design. A formula that solves the age-old problem of how to feel as amazing as you look in heels. Every open-toe mid and high heel features our Sole Hero™️ Footbed. Its unique convex shape extends from the mid-foot to the forefoot to help address the added pressure the forefoot may take when in a high heel spread— all while biasing strategic softness under the ball of the foot.

Our products have supportive design features exclusive for our FRANKIE4 customers, our investment in patent applications and design registrations is evident of our commitment.

Our products have supportive design features exclusive for our FRANKIE4 customers, our investment in patent applications and design registrations is evident of our commitment.

I love high heels, but know they unfortunately aren’t ideal for our feet. Wearing high-heels results in load shifting from the back of the foot towards the front, this increased pressure on the forefoot can cause foot pain and injury. It’s why I’ve spent years crafting our unique design, ensuring built-in comfort where you need it most.

Founder & Designer of FRANKIE4
B. Podiatry - B. Physiotherapy

Our difference

  • Unique Convex Curves

    Our high-heel Sole Hero™️ Footbed supports the forefoot arch with its convex-shaped cushioning. Designed with the aim to help the metatarsal heads (the bones under the forefoot) feel less loaded.

  • Biased Support

    Our cushioning is biased to the central and inner side of the foot. This adds soft support under the ball of the foot. Studies have shown wearing high heels causes increased pressure in this area, that’s why we target it.

  • "Goldilocks" Heel Counters

    Bandaids be gone! Our open and enclosed styles are made with "Goldilocks" heel counters that aren’t too firm or flimsy. Instead, they gently cup the heel and flex with the foot’s natural movement to help reduce friction, and pressure on the skin—and the dreaded breaking-in period.

  • Soft Foam Lining

    The soft foam lining inside some of our enclosed toe heels cocoons the forefoot to help reduce friction and pressure points on your delicate skin.

  • Extra Cushioning

    Our Gel Forefoot Cushions come complimentary with selected enclosed toe styles. Like little foot pillows, they help relieve pressure on the forefoot and add an extra layer of softness your feet crave.

Our enclosed toe heels

Designed with contours that aim to help stabilise the foot when it’s position at an elevated angle, our Sole Hero™️ Footbed works hard to create the height of soft support. Crafted with a heel cradle, arch support and three layers of pillow-soft cushioning that aims to reduce pain, and help support the foot—even in sky-high heels. This combination of support, cushioning and stability stands the test of time to give women a healthier option when wearing high heels.

Gentle Arch Contours

Gentle Arch Contours

Let’s talk about arch support in high heels.
The alignment of the foot in a high heel is not ideal. In this raised heel position, (for most) the foot is excessively supinated (rolled outward) increasing the arch position and reducing stability in the ankle. Try standing on your tip-toes, notice how a high arch forms - generally speaking, this is how high heels position your feet.

Our gentle heel and arch contours are designed to help create the most comfortable base for the foot (not pushing the arch up too much or too little). Our high heels aren't designed to add orthotics - our innovative footbed is built-in to support your foot when it is in a high heel position.

Gel Forefoot Cushions

Our unique FRANKIE4 gel forefoot cushions* are available with some selected enclosed heel styles.

We've designed our Gel Forefoot Cushions with comfort first in mind. Adding a grip texture so that your foot doesn't slip, plus a shallow gradient easing towards the back so that you don't feel it underfoot. Plus they add extra layer of cushioning under the forefoot.

The benefit of our Gel Forefoot Cushions is to help ladies with a slightly narrower fit achieve that perfect fit.

*Not for individual sale

We pride ourselves on crafting a healthier option for women who love high-heels. If a day on your feet, or a long walk is on the agenda, why not take a look at our one-of-a-kind flat styles?