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Spring Cleaning: Refresh Your Wardrobe

Blooms and a lift in temperatures means one thing, spring is nearly here and it’s time to start the annual task of spring cleaning. Prepare to hit refresh on your wardrobe and shoe collection.  

Spring Cleaning


Great Shoes, Great Places


Blooms and a lift in temperatures means one thing, spring is nearly here and it’s time to start the annual task of spring cleaning. Prepare to hit refresh on your wardrobe and shoe collection.  

As the winter chill makes way for the warmth of spring, it's the perfect time to bid adieu to heavy layers and embrace a fresh start. One of the most rewarding ways to welcome the new season is by indulging in a thorough spring cleaning and organization spree for your closet, including a keen focus on revamping your footwear collection.  

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to take you through the steps to transform your closet into a well-organized haven and ensure your footwear is ready to step into the brighter days ahead.


The first step in your spring-cleaning journey is to declutter. Empty your entire closet and assess each item. Ask yourself what Marie Kondo would: "Does this bring me joy?" If the answer is no or if you haven't worn it in the past year, consider parting ways with it.  

Donate gently used items to local charities or organize a clothing swap party with friends to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Also research services local to you that may be able to recycle such items and materials that can’t be donated.


Once you've narrowed down your wardrobe, the next step is to categorize your clothing. As long as it sparks joy, separate clothes into piles such as tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear. This step will make it easier to identify any gaps in your wardrobe and help streamline the organization process. Store accordingly while also keeping in mind what items you reach for most often.


Now turn your attention to your footwear collection. Take out each pair of shoes and assess their condition. Before discarding any worn-out or uncomfortable shoes, investigate your footwear recycling options, whether you’re local to Seattle and can utilize our Ridwell partnership or if there is a similar provider in your city. Then, consider donating lightly used or unworn pairs that no longer align with your style or lifestyle.

This will create space for new, fresh additions to your collection. If a thorough clean is what the remainder of your collection needs, always be sure to check and follow the recommended care instructions and use the best quality care products you can. This tip not only helps keep your shoes looking their best but aids in protecting your favorite pairs.   
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Organizing your shoes not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your closet but also makes it easier to find the perfect pair for any occasion. Invest in shoe racks, clear storage containers with holes, or over-the-door organizers to maximize space. Arrange your shoes by type (e.g., sneakers, sandals, heels) or by color for a visually pleasing display. 


As you organize your footwear, take note of the upcoming season. Pack away winter boots and heavy shoes to make room for transeasonal and lightweight, breathable options suitable for spring and summer. This not only keeps your closet clutter-free but also ensures that you can easily access the appropriate footwear for the current weather.  


Make sure they are stored in a dry, well-ventilated place to ensure any materials like leather can breathe. Never leave your shoes lying in the direct sun, in the heat (such as in your car), or exposed to the elements for lengths of time. You can find more tips on our care page.  


Consider investing in storage solutions that cater to the specific needs of your footwear. Shoe shelves, hanging organizers, or even a designated shoe cabinet can provide a dedicated space for your beloved pairs. This not only helps lengthen the life of your shoes but also makes your closet a joy to navigate.


Spring is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a few new additions to your footwear collection. Opt for versatile styles that can seamlessly transition between casual and formal occasions. Think about incorporating collection-worthy colors or patterns to add unlimited styling options and interest to your go-to looks over the seasons ahead.  

It’s also important to pay close attention to signs of wear on the soles—the amount of shoe care required and your shoe longevity should be reflective of the amount of wear they receive. However, it’s important for sole health to update your collection and it is expected that you’ll need to replace your pairs fairly regularly. We recommend having a capsule collection that you can rotate through regularly for optimum use.


To ensure your newly organized closet and footwear collection stay in top shape, make it a habit to declutter and reassess periodically. A quarterly check-in allows you to stay on top of your wardrobe game, making future spring cleaning endeavors quicker and more manageable.

Take inspiration from Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, spring cleaning isn't just a chore; it's a rejuvenating process that sets the tone for the vibrant days ahead. By decluttering, organizing, and refreshing your closet and footwear collection, you not only make space for new possibilities but also cultivate a sense of mindfulness in your fashion choices. So, let the sunshine in, open your closet doors, and step into spring with a renewed sense of style and organization.

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